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  • Debunking Myths About Aromatherapy

    Like All Holistic Treatments, Aromatherapy also has Several Myths and Misconceptions tied to it. Here are Some Facts to Remember.
  • The Secrets of An Anti-Aging Serum

    Anti-aging serum bottles contain a few ounces of solution, packing vitamins that can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Here’s how.

  • The Dos and Can’t Dos of Skin Serums

    The world of skincare products is ever-evolving. Beware of these dos and don’ts of skin serums to avoid doing more harm than good.
  • The Definition of Artisan-Made

    When you order an artisanal lava stone bracelet, do you ever think twice about the “artisanal” aspect? Here’s what it means, and why you should care.

  • The Art of Wearing Lava Stones

    The lava stone is an igneous volcanic rock solidifying after immense heat and pressure experienced by molten lava. Here's why they're suitable to wear.

  • Does Vegan Leather Belong In Your Closet?

    The best thing about vegan leather is that it isn’t made from the skin of dead animals that were brutally killed in the name of fashion. Learn more.