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Does Vegan Leather Belong In Your Closet?

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The killing of animals is starting to take a toll on our environment. But PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has said ‘ethical, eco-conscious fashion is the wave of the future.’ Here’s why it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new:


Why Choose Vegan?

Did you know that billions of animals are brutally and cruelly slaughtered annually for their skin? This includes cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, goats, ostriches, alligators, and kangaroos. Some of these animals are cut apart and skinned while they're still conscious, whereas others undergo immense pain as their horns and tails get chopped off without any painkillers.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, there’s the excessive load of energy required to turn the animal skin into leather using a toxic brew of cyanide-based chemicals (including coal-tar derivate, oils, formaldehyde, mineral salt, and dyes). The waste from the tannery contains several pollutants such as sulfides, water-fouling salt, acids, and sulfides. But what if you could get the killer look of leather, minus the killing? The answer to all your worries is vegan leather.


What Is Vegan Leather?

More often than not, vegan leather is made using polyurethane, which is a polymer that can be custom-tailored to your style. Additionally, it can be manufactured from sustainable materials such as apple peels, corks, pineapple leaves, and other fruit waste we’re likely to put down the trash. The production team may also choose to use innovative techniques to put recycled plastic to good use. The idea of using these potentially harmless substances is to stop the everlasting trend of killing animals for their skin.


Where Can Vegan Leather Be Used?

Vegan leather is not only eco-friendly but also enormously versatile. In fact, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of designers featuring vegan leather in their collections of handbags, boots, billfolds, shoes, and car seat covers. If you can’t spot a ‘vegan’ label, try searching for polyurethane, manmade or faux leather.


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