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The Art of Wearing Lava Stones

The use of lava stones

Lava stones have been used for centuries in performing cultural rituals as they are known to possess some magical healing powers. These stone or igneous rocks are formed as a result of molten lava or magma cooling down and solidifying after periods of intense heat and pressure. This makes lava stones the oldest rocks to be known to man. Here's more on the benefits of wearing lava stone beads:


Lava Stones Help Manage Anxiety and Stress

Keeping lava stones close is known to reduce any underlying feelings of anxiety due to their grounding effects bringing stability as a result of their deep connection to the core of the earth. Moreover, lava stones increase energy in the body by replacing negative emotions with protection, strength, and courage. Nonetheless, it's still a valuable asset in calming the body.


Essential Oils and Lava Stones

The porous nature of the lava stones allows them to act as diffusers for essential oils. There are over 90 types of essential oil, each having a unique smell and potential health benefits. For example, lavender essential oil treats insomnia, allergies, anxiety, and depression to promote relaxation making it perfect for being imbued into lava stone jewelry as a sleeping aid. Likewise, the use of lemon essential oil can help boost your mood throughout the day. 


 The concept of the chakra


The Chakra

The seven different 'chakras' concept has risen from the Indian culture that concerns the center of the human body and spiritual powers. The use of lava stones can ground and stabilize any chakras that cause disturbances in the body's energy as they're strongly connected to the earth.


Wearing Lava Stones

Lava stones are relatively easy to wear as they look gorgeous in their shiny, glass-like appearance. More often than not, bubbles may get trapped in the rock amid the solidifying process to leave tiny spaces and holes in the rock. They're best worn where they remain in direct contact with the skin as any blockage or barrier may obstruct the flow of energy.


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