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The Definition of Artisan-Made

An Artisan’s Hand n the Process of Making Handmade Jewelry From Beads and Pieces of Fabric

When something’s artisanal, it’s neither handcrafted nor mass-produced.


Artisan made meaning

Going artisanal means producing an item by hand for functional or aesthetic reasons by using traditional methods as opposed to modern machinery.


There’s probably an artisanal equivalent for everything in this world, from clothes to jewelry to toys to interior décor items—you name it, there’s an artisanal aspect to it.


What Came First?

Artisans are like talented individuals who try to keep the knowledge and skills passed down to them alive. As previously mentioned, they use traditional methods to create things, but the how-to comes from previous generations.


Therefore, it’s safe to say that artisanal came first, and whatever followed—be it handicrafts or fast fashion—was inspired by it.


An Artisanal Pendant Attached to A Chain Hanging Off A Wooden Nook


How Is It Different From Handicrafts?

There isn’t much of a difference between the two, but a significant line still divides them. Handicrafts can be seen as artisan-made, but the reverse isn’t true.


In fact, using the two interchangeably would be looking down on the deep cultural and personal values embedded in an artisanal product.


You can learn to make handicrafts anywhere, but the meaning behind them can only be realized, justified, and made artisanal by someone who belongs to the tribe that first created them.


What’s Unique About Artisan?

With lines considerably blurred now, thanks to cheaper, fast fashion, artisan is often overlooked. If you knew its allure, you’d consider it priceless.


People who create artisanal products transform raw materials into tangible culture. The end product displays what makes a certain tribe unique without giving away the work, skills, tricks, and techniques that went into its manufacturing. A trade secret, if you will.


What Are Everyday Artisanal Examples?

Long before industrialization took over, people made do with their hands. In those days, no one thought twice about the sustainability of this production method, and everyone took creating something from the bare minimum without the use of machinery as a way of life.


Therefore, you’ll find an artisanal ‘equivalent’ of everything like carpentry, ceramics, textiles, glass, jewelry, food, and more. It’s more sought-after now because manual labor is no more commonplace.


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