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5 Must-Have Aromatherapy Products

An Assortment of Herbs, Fruits, and Eggs, Two White and Pink Candles, and Three Full Mason Jars Labeled “Red Cabbage”, “Hibiscus”, and “Blueberry”


Most of us equate aromatherapy to aromatherapeutic massage with essential oils, but only a few are familiar with its topical applications.

The following aromatic products are some of our favorites.

1.    Age Reversal Oxygen Mask

  1. HC’s Age Reversal Oxygen Mask kills three birds with one layer of exfoliant. In addition to being a beauty mask, the product can also be used as a face and lip exfoliator twice a week by those with aging, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.


Its berry, exfoliate, and bioflavonoid formula stimulates the production of hyper-oxygenate cells responsible for skin elasticity, thereby reversing signs of aging and damage.

2.    Calming Burst Bar

The 3 Pack Calm “Just Chill” burst bar is just one of seven aromatic twists on the good old burst bar. Containing flavored crystals, the bar releases essential oils as soon as it’s tossed into the bath while also creating a pleasant foam.


Wind down after a long day with this concoction of sweet marjoram, basil, lavender, tarragon, and relaxing oils that promote positive vibes by recalibrating your body’s blood flow to its original setting.

3.    Essential Oils Bracelet

The Orbital Planet Bohemia Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet makes healing on the go possible via lava stone beads. The permeability of this igneous rock makes it a natural diffuser, and a few drops are all you need to get through the rest of your day in tiptop shape.


We recommend the grapefruit or ginger essential oil to keep fresh by preventing exhaustion brought upon by stress.

An Essential Oil Bracelet Strung with Black and Multi-Colored Lava Stone Beads


4.    Horse Oil Hand Cream

The 3W Clinic Hand Cream, composed of horse oil, is your daily fix of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. These nutrients are responsible for peeling away the dead and tough skin and moisturizing the hands, making them look smoother and healthier.


The hand cream also creates a protective layer around the hands and is the perfect accompaniment to the aforementioned age reversal mask.

5.    Activated Charcoal Facial Soap

Back to facial care we go, this time with the Acne Control Activated Charcoal Facial Soap. The topical charcoal cleanses the skin and delves deep within the pores to unclog them, whereas the peppermint essential oil component provides itch and potential pain relief to irritated facial skin. Thus, the two work together to achieve even-toned, unblemished, and flawless skin.


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You can now buy essential oils and aromatherapy products containing essential oils at our store, where they’re infused in facials serums, lava stone bracelets, skincare products, and makeup cleansers, to name a few.


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