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5 Types of Statement Jewelry Pieces to Help You Stand Out from the Crowd!

Make a statement without uttering a single word around people through what you wear. Statement jewelry has been around for years and continues to be a major part of the fashion world.

With so many jewelry trends in fashion, why stick wearing something basic every day? Mix in some statement pieces with your classic jewelry to bring more personality to your outfit. Switch things up and buy unique statement jewelry that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

Not sure what statement pieces to add? Don’t worry. This blog lists down five statement jewelry pieces that are a must-have for you to create exquisite looks.


artisan-made stone rings


1.    Statement Stone Ring

Do you love rings? Give your fingers a boost with some of the most beautiful stone rings available. You’ll find that these are available in a wide variety of stones that include amethyst, chariot, black tourmaline, and so many more.

Pair them up with your basic outfit to see a major difference they add to your look. The beautiful stones places on copper rings are going to surely help you stand out. These might even spark a conversation with other jewelry enthusiasts.  


2.    Layered Copper Necklace

Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. We want to talk about this layered copper necklace that’ll accentuate your neckline and enhance your look like no other. The necklace features three obsidian stones that are shaped into arrowheads. It’s the perfect edgy look that’ll show off your edgy personality.


3.    Raw Stone Cuff Bracelet

Add more bling to your arms with the help of bracelets –but not just any bracelets. Raw stone cuff bracelets are the perfect way to add more structure and style to your look. These bracelets have chunky stones layered on them that come in a range of colors and types.


Artisan-made unique jewelry


4.    Big Artisan-Made Earrings

There’s nothing wrong with wearing basic earrings every day. But there’s something about artisan-made earrings using different stones that takes your overall look up a notch. These dangling beauties are surely one of a kind. Moreover, they’ll soon become the pair of earrings you reach out for when you want to make a statement.


5.    Long Pendant Necklace

Let’s not forget one of the most popular types of necklace, the long pendant. This one comes with a crystal pendant and copper detailing — something you should have in your jewelry collection today.


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