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5 Ways To Care For Your Skin during Menopause

The year after a woman experiences her last period is said to be the beginning of her menopause. As the hormone levels drop, you may experience some changes in your hair and skin. Many women often report more hair growth on the face and lesser on the scalp. You could also be subject to skin thinning, drying, or slacking. However, caring for yourself can limit the adverse effects of undergoing menopause. Here are ways to care for your skin during menopause:


Sun Damaged Skin

Signs of going out and about without adequate sun protection will likely show up as age spots or large pigmented regions on the face. But it still isn’t too late to slather on a generous amount of sunscreen, preferably broad-spectrum sunscreen. Not only will it fade previously developed spots, but it also prevents the formation of newer ones while reducing the risk of skin cancer and pre-cancerous skin.


Bruise More Easily

With estrogen levels cascading, it’s normal for the skin to become thinner and bruise more easily. You’ll want to stay regular with applying your sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher all year round. Although this cannot thicken the skin, it prevents it from thinning further. Alternatively, your dermatologist could suggest a retinoid cream or laser treatment after studying your skin type.


Dry Skin

Your skin may get extremely dry in menopause as it cannot retain most of the water like it once did. You’ll want to combat with a moisturizer with ample glycerin or hyaluronic acid after bathing with a mild cleanser instead of regular soap. In some instances, microdermabrasion or exfoliation may help, but you should consult your dermatologist before opting for these.


Facial Hair

If your facial hair, especially the ones along the jawline, above the lip, or under the chin, starts to become more prominent, you should make use of a prescription hair reduction cream or opt for laser hair removal. Because the skin gets thicker in menopause, it’s best to avoid waxing as it may cause tearing and bleeding.





The skin loses a total of 30 percent collagen in the first five years, after which it is followed by a 2 percent annual reduction over the next twenty years. As the collagen levels fall, the skin begins to sag as it loses much of its firmness. You may notice jowls, permanent lines running from the corners of your mouth up to the tip of the nose, and wrinkles becoming visible at all times. To reduce visibility and prevent new wrinkles from appearing, you must protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Alternatively, you could introduce collagen into the skin via skincare products such as peptides or retinol.



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