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Are Essential Oils a Cure to This Age of Anxiety?


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Anxiety is an emotion that pairs with tension, physical changes, and worried thoughts. Unfortunately, anxiety disorder has become a recurring mental illness in 40 million adults in the United States. Aromatic essential oils may be the cure for this age of anxiety that’s fueled on a daily by the coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis, and more. In fact, the world has seen a substantial increase in the use of essential oils for aromatherapy as a treatment for combating anxiety disorders.


What is an Essential Oil?

‘Essential’ here refers to the essence of the plant in the oil that has been extracted from the roots, leaves, stem, or seeds by applying pressure or using steam. These oils are diluted for topical application but may also be inhaled as their aroma disperses into thin air. Here’s a scoop on 3 of the best essential oils for relieving stress:


1.     Lavender

This purple flowering plant is known to possess anxiety-relieving, muscle relaxing, and anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, it’s used in clinical trials for reducing anxiety before the surgical procedure.


2.     Chamomile

This daisy-like herb is extracted from the flowers of this plant. Hence it’s all things fruity and sweet-smelling. A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute determined that massaging cancer patients with Roman chamomile oil significantly decreased their anxiety and other related symptoms.


3.     Rose

Rose, too, is known to be beneficial for treating anxiety as it has anxiety-relieving and relaxing effects on the human body. No wonder we’ve been loving rose-scented perfumes all this while!


Topical application of essential oils


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