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Put a Ring on It: The Difference between a Wedding and Engagement Ring


They're all circular bands...

When we heard this, we knew we had to write about it. This is a guide for everyone who is yet to realize that wedding rings are very different from engagement rings.



An engagement ring may be exchanged during the marriage proposal when the couple decides to get married, which is the early point of the engagement. On the contrary, the wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony as a clear, visual representation of the union. Regardless of the time, both of these rings symbolize love and commitment.


Should I Wear Both?

If you've been engaged, chances are you'll get married too, but which ring should you keep on after? Although the tradition states that both the wedding and engagement rings should be worn together, you can choose to wear one rather than stacking two. Other times, instead of stacking in twos, brides play around with diverse rings with one on each hand. Remember, the finger remains constant, so it's alright to assume anyone wearing a ring on the fourth finger is committed.

If you're slightly budget-conscious, your engagement ring could also translate into the wedding ring to display your commitment. Sometimes, wearing one ring is also more comfortable than having to wear two; plus, it's one less item on the 'worrying about losing it' list.

The bottom line is there's no difference between a wedding or engagement ring except for the meaning it holds for you and your partner. You may invest as much or as little as you please because love doesn't come with a price tag.


Wedding bands for him and her

Choosing a Wedding and Engagement Ring

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