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Ways to Maximize the Results of Anti-Aging Skincare

In 2019, the global beauty industry's estimated value was 532 billion dollars. With men and women continuing their journey of exploration for different skin concerns, the industry's overall growth is likely to surpass the $800 billion benchmark by 2025. There's an exclusive line of products known by its characteristics as 'anti-aging facial skin care' that addresses beauty fanatics of ages 20 and above. If you're one to stay loyal to your beauty regime, you must learn these ways of maximizing the outcomes of integrating an anti-aging skincare serum or other products into your routine:


Start With One

Using a number of anti-aging products on the skin altogether can do more harm than good as it irritates the skin to make the signs of aging more prominent. Start with one product at a time and observe how your skin reacts to this change. You'll want to wait about 6 weeks to 3 months to see the product work up to its magic. If you see any positive results, continue using the product to amplify the results further.



You must religiously conduct a patch test for each new product you wish to introduce into your skincare routine because even those who claim to be hypoallergenic may cause a reaction. So apply a small amount on your inner forearm for about a week before moving onto the face.


Follow Directions for Application

Additionally, you'll want to follow the directions as instructed for the application of the product, as some products tend to include active ingredients that turn out to be problematic when applied to the skin directly. Common symptoms include excessively dry, blotch skin, or clogged pores.


Roller for face muscles


Stop If It Burns

Any product that stings, tingles, or burns is likely to irritate the skin, so you must limit the use of such products unless your dermatologist has stated otherwise. Moreover, cancel all your tanning plans unless you want to welcome those unwanted signs of aging. Tanning dramatically speeds the aging process by causing premature wrinkles and age spots.


Slather On Moisturzer And SPF

With a moisturizer, you can brighten your complexion and reduce the appearance of any fine lines. Moisturizers tend to plump up fine lines by trapping water into the skin. Last but not least, your broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher is your best friend of all ages. It helps the skin cells repair and renew themselves against any signs of damage, reducing symptoms of premature aging.


Oh, pretty please, resist the urge to DIY cosmetic procedures and go for dedicated skincare products specifically formulated to meet the needs of your skin type. If you're looking to shop for skincare products online, head to the Jilolo Store. We stock and deliver eye creams, anti-aging facial serum, cleansers, and moisturizers online after you purchase them online. Shop our collection of Skincare products today!

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