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What Are Vegan Bags Made Of?

If you're into hitting the merits of a vegan lifestyle, you're about to want to switch after reading this piece of writing. Veganism is not only limited to eating plant-based foods to lower your carbon footprint; it can also be a part of fashion. We stand against the killing of cows, dogs, cats, sheep, ostriches, alligators, and other animals for skinning or brutally chopping of their horns and tails. Here's more on embracing vegan leather:


Vegan Bags

Vegan leather, also known as faux leather, is made using sustainable materials such as recycled rubber and plastic, fruit waste, and polyurethane. A popular choice of companies manufacturing vegan bags is bamboo, as it grows over three feet in a day and provides strong fibers for the production of vegan leather. Alternatively, sustainable timber, mushrooms, pineapple bush leaves, and sewable slate stone may be used in the production of vegan bags.


The Durability Of Vegan Bags

The durability of vegan bags depends mainly on the materials used and the manufacturer of the bag because faux leather is, in fact, thinner and lacks sturdiness in comparison to the classic leather derived from animal skin. However, companies are working on manufacturing cruelty-free faux leather, which is just as durable and robust. But the good news is that even now, if the products are treated right, these sustainable products can give you a product that lasts reasonably well.


Straw bag


Why Choose A Vegan Bag?

By now, you know for sure that classic leather does more harm than good for the environment, whereas vegan bags don't require the death of an animal in the name of fashion. Moreover, vegan bags are much cheaper to produce, whereas animal leather requires an extensive list of resources (farmland, food, labor, shelter, and fuels). There is also plenty of harmful chemicals required to turn the skin into leather. Does the hefty price tag make more sense now? Lastly, most vegan bags are recyclable, which makes all production companies environmentally conscious as well.


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