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DR.HC Bye Bye Acne 2 In 1 Serum (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-acne, Exfoliating, Oil-balancing, Anti-inflammatory...)

DR.HC Bye Bye Acne 2 In 1 Serum (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-acne, Exfoliating, Oil-balancing, Anti-inflammatory...)

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You no longer need to use a serum in addition to your moisturiser! This dual-purpose bottle functions as both a serum and a moisturiser, making it ideal for those who experience breakouts. Salicylic Acid, one of the most effective anti-acne ingredients, is present in the 2-in-1 serum at a maximum concentration of 2%. Additionally, the serum contains an anti-inflammatory Organic Herbal infusion and Vitamin B5 to enhance the serum's anti-acne properties. The serum combats acne's four primary causes: bacteria, clogged pores, excess oil, and inflammation. This formula is not only effective, but also gentle on sensitive skin, revitalising a clear, smooth, supple, and healthy complexion.


POINT 1: Contains 2% Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid has been shown to be effective in the treatment of acne and pimples in scientific studies.
POINT 2: When combined with an Organic/Natural Herbal infusion that contains anti-inflammatory and skin-rejuvenating properties, your breakouts will be naturally calmed.
POINT 3: Contains Vitamin B5, which benefits acne-prone skin by hydrating, moisturising, reducing inflammation, and stimulating skin cell growth.
POINT 4: The formulation is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Among other things, this product is free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, and mineral oils.
POINT 5: An all-in-one formula that is simple to use. Abolish multi-step acne skincare regimens! After cleansing your face, either use a toner and then this serum, or use this serum immediately after cleansing your face.
POINT 6: Suitable for all skin types, including super-oily/super-dry skin, as it deeply hydrates without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.

Each and every skin type (oily, dry, normal, combination)
Additionally, it is ideal for skin that is excessively oily or excessively dry.
Sensitive skin Acne-prone skin

Anti-acne. Acne bacteria are destroyed and breakouts are soothed
Oil balancing
Gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and open clogged pores.
Skin rejuvenation

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SALICYLIC ACID (BHA): has been shown to be effective in the treatment of acne and pimples in scientific studies. Additionally, it functions as a mild exfoliant, assisting the skin in shedding dead cells and unclogging pores. Additionally, it can help with oil production balance and skin toning. To maximise its acne-fighting properties, this product contains a maximum of 2% salicylic acid.


ORGANIC/NATURAL HERBAL INFUSION: Wild Geranium, Gotu Kola, Dandelion, and Horsetail herbal infusions are well-known for their natural ability to eliminate dead cells, as well as their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, which make them beneficial for reducing breakouts, skin irritation, and skin infections. Additionally, they promote skin tightening, new skin regeneration, and the reduction of ageing signs.


VITAMIN B5: benefits acne-prone skin by hydrating and retaining moisture without clogging pores. Additionally, it strengthens the skin's natural barrier function and contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. Additionally, Vitamin B5 stimulates skin cells, resulting in a revitalised, smoother, and healthier complexion.



DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake vigorously prior to use. Apply an adequate amount to the entire face after cleansing and toning, and allow to dry naturally. When used in conjunction with our BYE BYE ACNE FACE CLEANSING GELATO, effectively combats acne and pimples.

USE ON A DAILY BASIS: Daily use is permitted. Can be worn with or without makeup.


STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.